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Waxahachie web cam sex

Other coaches who testified as to their concerns and or his whereabouts at times were either lying or mistaken in what they said, Cameron testified, saying, I cant explain to the jury why anyone would lie.AGs office involvement The state Attorney Generals Office handled the prosecution as former Ellis County and District Attorney Joe Grubbs recused himself and his staff from the case because Cameron was a student in Grubbs Sunday school class at the time.

Another student testified she saw someone who looked like Cameron leaving an apartment where the 18-year-old was then staying a described a pickup similar to the description of the vehicle he drove.The AGs office entered telephone records into evidence of more than 5,000 text messages, the bulk of which were sent and received between Camerons cell phone and the 18-year-olds cell phone during a 90-day period from about Jan. At that time, testimony indicated Camerons wife spoke with her husband and the 18-year-old, telling them any further communication needed to be from her phone.The telephone records included only the phone numbers involved as none of the actual text messages were captured by the cell phone service providers.Camerons wife, Kristy, who was a high school counselor at Waxahachie ISD before resigning, has since been hired by former WISD superintendent Dr.James Wilcox as an elementary school counselor in Longview ISD.

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Questioned as to whether she was away from her home during spring break, she testified she was gone only one night and her husband was with another coach until late that same day.

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