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The 1952 ticket stub is reduced in length, and features a major change in ticket design.At the top "INC." is now below "New York Yankees" and above "Yankees Stadium" The old Rain Check logo is removed, and replaced by a black rectangle highlighting "Rain Check" in Block lettering separated by a space below the Game No.The 1951 stub features changes in ticket design The pricing information dominates the Yankees Logo watermark. On the back "Terms and Conditions" Replaces " Important Notice" and "New York Yankees INC." is added below the text separated by a line.The printing company credit line "ANSELL-SIMPLEX TICKET CO." is listed above "CHICAGO ILL." and replaces "The Brown Ticket Corp." at the bottom with the Chicago Union label (82) to the right.Tickets 21-77 have the adjustment stamped on the back.The printing company credit line "ANSELL-SIMPLEX TICKET CO." is listed just above In 1955 the Fed Tax remains at .11 cents, but a City Tax is added and the Est.The printing company credit line "ANSELL-SIMPLEX TICKET CO.

Blaisdell's world-famous guarantee that "It works or we fix it free™" still covers every Zippo windproof pocket lighter today.

The tickets were sold at the stadium only on the day of the game and the space might have been placed there to have the date stamped but this was rarely, if ever done.

I only found three tickets rubber stamped with a date and all 3 were fraudulently dated.

The tickets were printed with both series A and Series B. The printing company credit line "ANSELL-SIMPLEX TICKET CO.

CHICAGO ILL." is listed at the top on the back of the ticket stub The pricing on the 1956 tickets remain the same as the 1955 stubs, but the tickets are printed on Red Stock.

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