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Ballbusting chatbot

This has created a tendency for Chinese consumers to elicit the opinions of other consumers and even bombard the brand themselves with questions, before they make a purchase online or in-store.The sheer number of consumers and their zest for questioning is what created the need for chatbots in China before they ever came into the minds of Facebook and others.

Each of them was launched as a chatbot as we know them today, yet after testing them in action, were modified to rely less on artificial intelligence.

Customer service for the brands and companies registered on We Chat use service accounts to interact with their clients on the application.

Fashion brands, airlines, restaurants, hotels, and e-commerce shops often use chatbots for online interactions.

Many entrepreneurs doing business in China create an official We Chat account before they even launch their website.

There are some VC funded chatbots managed by the companies that don’t even have websites — at the same time, their business is booming and their valuations are skyrocketing.

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The answer may surprise you, because that place is China and the company is We Chat.