Cannot send message in adult chat room

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Cannot send message in adult chat room

From John Adams (The Portable John Adams): “Facts are stubborn things, whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our own passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” To the general public, fact is taken to be equal to truth, however preposterous the fact itself may be.

In law, fact is what is said to be true, but only accepted as true by the preponderance of evidence in support of the proposition.

The alt-media can’t provide that validation, both emotionally and functionally, precisely because they AREN’T the mainstream. That can’t have the validation he needs if he’s going to be publicly shitting on them at the same time. A karate master I heard say it best: “Best defense? And if he ever cared about the norms of political discussion his life would be very different from what it has been. As a left-leaning voter, it really disturbs me how much air time news outlets, that present as either left-leaning or middle of the road, have given to Trump and his legion of spokespeople – all of whom defy convention.

We have our own, and we will proceed to put them out regardless of what the evidence says.

It’s not a problem for us if you stagger from the room in disbelief.

Our constituency hates your guts; this is the place where we commune with them around that fact. Reaction from the press corps: A third “relationship” message went to the listeners, in tripartite.

* To the core Trump constituency — and an audience primed for this over years of acrid ‘liberal media’ critique — two things were said. As a member of anyone’s audience, I only want to hear the facts…. The cost to filter out opinions is measured in time as a percentage of my remaining life span.

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Screen shot from the Washington Post’s fact check: * To the listeners who are hostile to Trump the message is: . Our aim is true: to maximize conflict between your core group and ours. * To the neither/nors, the people who are not part of the Trump constituency and not yet committed to opposing him either, the message is very different. People are fighting over what is real— and what is a lie. ALSO, don’t talk to any of them ANYWHERE: no Kellyanne, no Sean, no Donald, no Newt or Rudy or Congresscritters speaking for the administration.