Intimidating women names

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Intimidating women names

When the government outlawed the sale of alcohol, Diamond opened up a string of speakeasies, including the infamous Hotsy Totsy Club.

To supply his bars with booze, Diamond and his crew held up liquor trucks, and he was known for making quick getaways, earning him the nickname “Legs.” Maybe—there’s also the possibility that his moniker came from his mad dancing skills.

On the right an approximate number of people bearing the name (or a close variation of it) in the Scandinavian countries today.

We are San Diego's largest women's only boot camp, Boot-ique Fitness. I'd love to have something relatively short and catchy.

With a cigar always set firmly between his teeth, it’s no mystery how Carmine “The Cigar” Galante got his nickname.

The leader of the Bonanno crime family never went anywhere without a stogie.

Guzik served as Capone’s chief accountant and treasurer, and as such he was a very confident man.Legs was arrested for the crime and then acquitted. Some say it was rival gangsters, while others suspect the cops.To celebrate, Diamond got drunk and staggered back home, where someone with a gun was waiting. Whoever it was, they proved Legs Diamond couldn’t outrun death forever.While Galante relaxed on the patio in the back, a car pulled up to the front door.Three men got out, made their way to the back of the restaurant, and opened fire, sending Galante tumbling to the ground, covered in blood.

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