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If they are, you can ask her to hang out outside of work sometime.

But that part about reciprocation and paying attention to her cues really matters.

Long hours and unregulated working schedules leave no chance for love and romance.

That's why we created Uniform Dating - the first unique online dating service helping people who wear uniform at work (and those who romanticize and share their way of life) find each other more easily.

The Cut’s “Ask a Boss” columnist Alison Green tackles your questions on the particularly complicated matter of office relationships and dating your co-workers. I started a new job at a small nonprofit seven months ago.

What do you do if you think your boss is having an affair with your co-worker? About five months into the job, I realized I had developed feelings for one of my co-workers.

When you have hectic schedules and work long hours, often dealing with emergencies, finding someone can be a challenge.

Uniform helps uniformed singles meet people who understand the demands of their profession.

We developed a simple and easy-to-use functionality for messaging, allowing you to browse profiles and communicate with your matches, without being tied to any specific place.

Here at Uniform Dating we know that uniformed personnel are a highly attractive group of singles.

At the same time, finding that peaceful time to go on a date is not something that most of them can afford.

I don’t want to put her in an uncomfortable position, especially if I’m wrong about her returning my feelings.

On the other hand, I feel like I will regret it forever if I don’t ask her out, or at least talk to her about how I feel.

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We don’t really have an HR department, and I haven’t been able to find a policy listed anywhere that addresses workplace relationships.

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