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When I took my oath of office a year or so ago, I knew that our country was reeling from a multitude of problems. [Applause] Sanctioned by the government, and penalize all traffic obstructionists regardless of stature – sometimes, hindi mo maano diyan, because the police, it’s a Cabinet member. And I do not want you parking there, when there’s no parking. Last May 31, 2017, we achieved the first step towards more equitable taxes to fund better services for the people. A settlement will allow government to avoid a long court battle that, as we saw in previous cases, could take years to resolve.That day, there was euphoria in the air resulting from a successful campaign and the thought that dominated my being was to make good on my promise to the people to bring [about change] — change in government, not a change that is passing but a change that can survive the test of time. Pero me, I have not authorized my Cabinet member to utilize the low plate. I commend the House of Representatives for heeding my urgent certification of the tax reform by passing the first of five packages of the Comprehensive Tax Reform Program with an overwhelming 246 votes, representing almost 9 percent of the Filipino people. The National Government Portal, which we launched recently, will allow faster and easier delivery of public services and reduce the number of visits of the public to agencies for government transactions.Oxford’s links with South America have grown from strength to strength over the past 50 years.South American students have been consistently engaged in an ever widening range of departments, the University has been host to a stream of visiting academics and the study of South America has featured across a range of disciplines.Originally a 30-minute radio program in 1980, Ang Dating Daan has progressed today with the inclusion of its interactive segment, Itanong Mo Kay Soriano – a live question-and-answer portion to address the audience’s biblical queries.Ang Dating Daan is produced by the Members Church of God International (MCGI), presided by Bro.I do not intend to loosen the leash in the campaign or lose the fight against illegal drugs. The coastal, marami ‘yan kasi marami paikot-ikot, but we are in a contiguous territory, maliit lang tayo. By this time kung walang upheaval, no regeneration will occur, we are almost like talagang ginaganun natin ang – maliit na lang ang makuha nila. To our employees and officials of the LGUs tasked with monitoring these mining operations within their territorial jurisdictions, do your job without fear or favor. And we still have to recover from the beating that we got both during and in the aftermath of those mega-typhoons. But do not give the excuse or do not make it trivial by saying human rights at least we’ll be protected… Whether or not my first year of administration was a year of gains or a year of setbacks is not for me to say but for the people to judge; I defer to the people’s remains to be done.Neither do I intend to preside over the destruction of the Filipino youth by being timid and tentative in my decisions and actions. Each life that is snuffed out translates into future generations lost. Then I will think of something that will compensate or make up for the damage or at least the income restored. You must remember that there are so many billions of the future generations waiting in this stratosphere. How about the billions and billions and billions of Filipinos who will come after us? I [hold] you absolutely responsible for any misdeed or failure [by] the mining entities to comply — do not comply or comply with the guidelines, rules and regulations governing mining operations and activities within your area of responsibility. Come to think of it really, they say that there is no perfect instrument or human acumen can really predict earthquake. Kasi kung magdating ’yung sabi nila ‘yung “Big One”, I hope it will be just in the mountains and in the rural areas. Corruption persists like a fishbone stuck in the throat; it pains and it is disconcerting.

Sad to say, despite all efforts, peace, especially in the Island of Mindanao, continues to elude us. To the critics against this fight, your efforts will be better spent if you use the influence, moral authority and ascendancy of your organizations over your respective sectors to educate the people on the evils of illegal drugs instead of condemning the authorities and unjustly blaming for every killing that bloodies this country. It is like cracking the acorn from which an oak tree grows – which, in turn, produce the seeds to complete the cycle of [life in] perpetuity. There are beasts and vultures preying on the helpless, the innocent [and] the unsuspecting. Ang gusto ninyo para hindi na kayo mandamay, huminto na kayo ng ano. Because if it’s right – sabihin nila tinatakot nila ang… Nandito eh in the speech, I reviewed it last night. We need to pry corruption from government corpus which is deeply embedded and we also need to put an end to squabbles and bickerings with an agencies focused truly on speedy provision of quality public services to our people. Oh buksan ninyo pinto, malapit na ang pinto sa inyo.I will not allow the ruin of the youth, the disintegration of families and the retrogression of communities, forced by criminals whose greed for money is as insatiable as it is devoid of moral purpose. I am calling [on] both houses of Congress to expeditiously craft a law establishing a new authority or department that is responsive to the prevailing 21While the law is [being] crafted with extreme urgency, we need to undertake immediate action to ensure disaster resiliency and effective response in the greater [Metro] Manila area, which is our country’s seat of governance, center of business, commerce, and the academe. I mean if it cracks and it goes down, can we still manage to go up? Hintayin mo lang ‘yan sila na lang sila dito nag-aaway. Neither will I be immobilized into inaction by the fear that I will commit an act that will expose me to public condemnation or legal prosecution. Just because this is Congress it has to be a secret, secret. Disaster resiliency of Metro Manila and the surrounding provinces is a matter of urgent [national ] concern. I am directing the Cabinet Cluster on Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management to immediately work hand in hand with the concerned LGUs, the private sector and the affected communities themselves, in undertaking disaster [resiliency] measures, antidotes. You harm the children in whose hands the future of this Republic is entrusted, and I will hound you to the very gates of hell. Not even the two hands, one hand lang na exempted sa rule na ‘yan. Iyon nandito ‘yan, tinatakot nila dito because of the high-rise buildings and… I will mince no words and neither will I window-dress the situation [that] we are in. We are in for trouble because we live in troubled and uncertain times. It’s repeated for almost every week yata ‘yang mga short clips.

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