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Erin Wasson did not expect the Instagram photo of her sunning in the tall grass with the ocean in the background to stir up any controversy.

In the picture the 32-year-old model posted this Sunday, Erin sits with her back to the camera, wearing only a pair of black bikini bottoms.

Not everyone can carry off bovver boots with a floor-sweeping silk dress. As the model who's become a fashion icon for her off-duty style tells Harriet Walker, the secret is blending Texas grit, California cool and a devil-may-care attitude When Erin Wasson arrives in the hotel suite for her photocall, everyone is a little taken aback.

By the model's stature, perhaps; by her amber coloured skin, sure; but more because she is wearing a dress.

This is Erin Wasson, the original Model Off Duty, whose idiosyncratic blend of sportswear, grunge and haphazard tailoring started a veritable fashion revolution in recent years.

Where are her denim cut-offs, we are all wondering. " She lifts the hem a little, exposing tanned Twiglet legs.

"Even on your off days, you looked like you just walked off a photoshoot.

She wears what she wants, and now everyone else wants what she wears."It's from home, a woman in Texas, but I can't remember her name." Wasson, 27, hails from the Lone Star State, although her rough-dried, dirty-blonde waves and nonchalant leanness speak more of California, which she has since ' made her home.Her every gesture is languid; her progress around the room to greet us all seems effortless and relaxed.I think that's the most important thing, to find the facet in that moment and express that." Wasson does tend to speak in a rather "Confucius say" sort of way, but she is winsome in her views, articulate, enthusiastic and reasoned.Her practice of Zen and the Art of Under-Dressing is all very appealing, but a strikingly beautiful person in no make-up and rumpled clothes is very different from a mere mortal trying it.

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'I think, more than anything at this point in my career, my responsibility is to stay strong - mind, body and soul ...,' said the runway model who was called 'scary skinny' by the Huffington Post in 2013.