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Posted by / 14-Jul-2017 04:02

It contains stability improvements and adds Carrier Assault mode to the Solitude Map.Soon you’ll be able to Skirmish, Attack and Breech above the snow-capped mountains of Solitude!Today EVE: Valkyrie will be receiving a small patch which renames the menu links for our Single Player (Chronicles) and Multiplayer (Combat) game modes and a minor bug fix for capture point naming on our brand new Crossroads map – Capture point B is now correctly placed in the center of the combat zone.The development team has identified an issue where Pilots that progressed past Rank 4 might not enter the regular map rotation and would receive a "No sessions found" notification.A mandatory patch will be released today for Valkyrie.It contains some very impressive visual optimizations for our PC pilots with higher spec Nvidia cards (more details below), and some comfort changes to help onboard our new recruits more effectively.

Other features include Pilot Customization, Play Station Pro optimisations, bug fixes, balance tweaks and more.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce our second game update of 2017 for EVE: Valkyrie – Groundrush!

With every update, we try to push our gameplay in new and exciting directions.

Today we’re releasing another small patch containing some key improvements for Valkyrie that the community has highlighted to us, including updates to input customisation and improvements to AI behaviour, Pv P matchmaking, as well all-important bug fixes.

Today we’re adding a few new features in a small patch to improve your experience with mouse & keyboard controls. If you were struggling to perform tight turns in dogfights when using mouse movement to control your ship, you can now use this key to maintain a continuous turn.

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