Dating a gemini woman

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Dating a gemini woman

Hahhaha and I will tell ofcourse I was ready to be Hypointiezed I liked him . I liked his smile , His voice his silence his eyes , Every thing...

And 4 times we were together he never tough me expect on bed .

And not to talk to him on chatting or sms Because he use to send or to communicate when he has time to see me for a while .

Only me who knows my reall value and there are some one who know it very well.

No matter how much i love him and think of him to this day, i could never be with him again.

Because sex could play a very important role and explod the unlimited energy .I agree with you , May be some people will think about me that I'm superfacial as they call us.But I don't care I know my self more than any one else.He was way too obsessive with me and didnt even approve when I hung out with my girlfriends, forget ever having a FRIEND of the male sex.a guy even looked at me hed get an evil stare down and a death threat.The more he tried to control me the more i pushed away, i snuck around and cheated, he was aware being intuitive and our relationship crumbled.

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It takes a deep connection for me to fall this way.

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