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This motivates the anglicization of such languages, especially those using non-Latin orthographies (i.e.not using Latin alphabets) following for instance, the even more limited message lengths involved when using for example, Cyrillic or Greek letters.

"OMG" was used by a septuagenarian naval hero, admiral of the fleet Lord Fisher, in 1917".Therefore, co-textual references and context are crucial when interpreting textese, and it is precisely this shortfall that critics cite as a reason not to use it (although the English language in general, like many other languages, has many words that have different meanings in different contexts).SMS language does not always obey or follow standard grammar, and additionally the words used are not usually found in standard dictionaries or recognized by language academies.In SMS language, however, the difference is that many words are shortened unlike in spoken speech.Prosodic features in SMS language aim to provide added semantic and syntactic information and context from which recipients can use to deduce a more contextually relevant and accurate interpretation.

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Use of capitalizations on the first word of a message may in fact, not be intentional, and may likely be due to the default capitalization setting of devices.

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