Dating france for muslims

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Dating france for muslims

The Barbary Coast was then the stronghold of the Berber pirates, which carried out raids against European and American ships.Conflicts between the Barbary States and the newly independent United States of America culminated in the First (1801–05) and Second (1815) Barbary Wars.In 1820, Louis XVIII paid back half of the Directory's debts.The dey, who had loaned to the Bacri 250,000 francs, requested from France the rest of the money.Charles X used this slight against his diplomatic representative to first demand an apology from the dey, and then to initiate a blockade against the port of Algiers.France demanded that the dey send an ambassador to France to resolve the incident.

Meanwhile, the Berber pirates were able to exploit the geography of the coast with ease.

However, indigenous Muslims remained a majority of the territory's population throughout its history.

Gradually, dissatisfaction among the Muslim population with its lack of political and economic status fueled calls for greater political autonomy, and eventually independence, from France.

The dey agreed to surrender in exchange for his freedom and the offer to retain possession of his personal wealth.

Five days later, he exiled himself with his family, departing on a French ship for the Italian peninsula, then under the control of the Austrian Empire.

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Since the 1516 capture of Algiers by the Ottoman admirals, the brothers Oruç and Hayreddin Barbarossa, Algeria had been a base for conflict and piracy in the Mediterranean.