User shell folders not updating Hot nude dating

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User shell folders not updating

What you will need to do is put another server workstation online that has the same hostname, share name and folder structure as the original server hosting the redirected folders but leave the contents blank.When the new GPO tries to redirect the folder, it will look to the old location to move the files to the new location, see that there are no files in that folder and the redirection will be successful.If the problem ONLY persists on ONE machine you may also try to add a line to c:\windows\system32\driver One machine only had the problem of not being able to access my documents that I know of.Several are trying to sync to the old server so I will try the cname thing and get back with you.Event Type: Error Event Source: Folder Redirection Event Category: None Event ID: 106 Date: 6/11/2010 Time: PM User: GIS\michelleh Computer: BUR-2400-001 Description: Failed to perform redirection of folder My Documents. At least one of the shares on which these paths lie is currently offline.For more information, see Help and Support Center at

Ove, Manually modifying the registry did work and now the user has access to my documents redirection. Thanks, Justin we did it: adding a cname-dns-entry for the old server pointing to the new server..the "old" shares are seemingly still "alive".

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Spend a while browsing in Explorer and you'll probably find whatever you need, eventually, but there's a much quicker and easier way: the shell command.

Simply add a folder called Michelle\my documents in the users share of the gs-serv1 server.

Redirection should see the source folder is empty and successfully redirect to the michelleh folder.

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Windows has many more system folders which you might need to access occasionally, though, and they're much harder to find.

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