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An in-person meeting is the next step to develop your relationship with a lady and will determine the degree of compatibility between the two of you.

The Date a Lady service is designed to help you coordinate and improve the success of your time visiting Ladies abroad Here's how it works: A formal meeting is booked online at Step2

Step2Love charges you online only after your meeting is confirmed.

You will be refunded all charges if the lady fails to meet you, and you will be charged in full should you fail to show for your date.

Using the Date a Lady service helps avoid a situation where a gentleman sets up a meeting on his own and is disappointed should the lady not show up.

Though it is impossible to predict chemistry between the two of you, the best way to find out is to meet a lady you may have serious intentions toward and determine if you are both compatible with each other. Step2Love charges 159 credits administrative fee to set up and co-ordinate a meeting with a lady This includes 1 ½ hours of assistance from an interpreter.

I love the coziness and sincerity, I like good mellow music, and an interesting book.

Date a Lady is a program whereby Step2Love assists a gentleman (a registered member in good standing) to set up a meeting with a lady he has been getting to know on Step2Love.

We provide logistical assistance and an interpreter from the lady’s home agency.

If your suggested day and time is convenient for the Lady you will receive a confirmation.

If the proposed time is not convenient for the Lady you will receive a letter suggesting a more convenient appointment.

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Kurylenko rarely had contact with her father, meeting him for the first time after the split when she was eight, and later when she was thirteen.

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