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My lord dating

First, as to your feelings, "complete peace," for many people, is a pretty high bar in a fallen world.

As a general matter, I would encourage you to look to God's Word in your decision-making instead of waiting for an authoritative "feeling" from God. There are a couple of other things to consider that are more specific to your situation.Let me encourage you not to jeopardize or jettison what sounds like a wonderful woman and relationship simply because you are not completely without worry or trepidation about marriage.If you are like many people, you will have that twinge of worry no matter who is sitting across the table from you.Also, I would advise you to seek counsel from a brother or couple in your church who know you well to kick the tires on what's really bothering you.Are you concerned for her, or are the specifics of your worry more self-focused?

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Obviously, I don't know you, your girlfriend or the specifics of your situation, but taking the description in your question at face value, it seems, shall we say, quite positive.