Sedating dogs nail trimming

Posted by / 27-Jun-2017 07:16

That's why it is important to have an idea as to where the "quick" starts in your dog's nails.

Instead of cutting or clipping my dog's nails, I prefer sanding down her nails using this Oster Pet Nail Grinder (which is essentially an electrical "whirling emery board"). Since every time I file only a bit of her nails, I don't get to her quick.We have a large deck, and we put a leash on our dog and loop it around the rail of the deck. We discovered that the best way to trim his nails was to lift his foot like you are shoeing a horse.He doesn't seem to mind when we do it this way.If the nail curves beyond the bottom of the toe pad, it means it is too long and it's time for a trim.Training your dog not to be afraid of the nail trimming tool is the first step.

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We have a 90-pound plus dog with black nails and using regular clippers was a nightmare whether we did it at home, the groomer or the vet.