Validating a vision system

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Validating a vision system

How does the barcode verifier report and grade the tested symbols?

In August of 2000, the ISO/IEC released document ISO/IEC 15416 that combined the technical content of the pre-existing separate American (ANSI X3.182) and European (EN1635) specifications into one technically equivalent document for worldwide use.While this would be the primary consideration when considering a lighting solution, there are other factors which need to be investigated such as: It’s critical that you choose the correct illumination for all 2D Vision applications.The rule of thumb is that if you can distinguish the features you want to extract from an image with the naked eye, then your software will be able to do it.If the verifier is not ISO compliant, the report is meaningless.3.Beware of a barcode verifier that is partial ANSI or ISO compliant4. Beware of manufacturers who don’t clearly state their equipment warranty on the data sheets.5.

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Does the barcode verifier require periodic re-calibration?

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