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The researchers noted that ‘many of the elements identified are known to cause respiratory distress and disease’.

‘The only people who want to make it a medicine are those in the tobacco industry,’ says Devlin.

Critics point the finger at the fact the devices have no age restrictions on who can buy them, and are available in flavours such as strawberry and chocolate.

They warn that they are likely to appeal to children in much the same way as alcopops do Adrian Everett, co-founder and director of E-Lites, which supplies e-cigarettes to 10,000 outlets nationwide including Sainsbury’s and Morrisons, explains: ‘The industry view is that we are not a medicine.

By the end of the year that number is expected to be more than a million.Anti-smoking campaigners are worried that as they grow in popularity they could act as a gateway into smoking for young people who wouldn’t otherwise try cigarettes.‘We’ve just got used to our children growing up in an environment where smoking is no longer considered “normal”,’ says John Dicey, who runs Allen Carr’s Easyway, an organisation that has been helping smokers quit for the past 30 years.Admit it – you’re intrigued by Leonardo Di Caprio’s dating history. We have said they were probably a thing UNTIL it was reported he'd been seeing 19-year-old Dutch Victoria's Secret Pink model, Chelsey Weimar. See Leo’s dating history - from 1994 (when he was 20) to now…By dragging on one end of the e-cigarette, the nicotine-laced liquid is drawn over the element, turning it into a visible vapour mist that is inhaled and then exhaled.E-cigarettes are also not taxed like tobacco, so vaping is much cheaper than smoking.

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That compares with worldwide cigarette sales of more than £350 billion.