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That was my hope.” Potash went on to describe his son and Meo by saying, “They are just really good kids. At this point, as the hours pass, it seems more and more grim.” A former colleague of Meo’s echoed those statements to the Inquirer, “He was like an easygoing person, he was a really nice dude.

He’d get along with any single person.” Sturgis mother, Amb Ro Clark, has been frantically updating her Facebook page with updates about the search for her son.

A day later, Di Nardo was back in custody and accused of stealing and trying to sell Tom Meo’s car. On July 14, the DA announced that Di Nardo was being charged with four counts of criminal homicide, conspiracy, abuse of a corpse and three counts of robbery.

It’s been widely reported that Di Nardo has confessed to murder.

The mafia blamed the disappearance on Bart and now Bart is in very big trouble.... I always like these kind of episodes that involves the mafia, so I knew I would like the episode.

Other remains were found in the same grave, those remains are yet to be identified.

On July 9, Di Nardo was arrested on a firearms charge stemming from a February 2017 incident. This was posted on July 11 and Di Nardo was released.

But this episode also spoofs our justice system and basically claims the American justice system is imperfect as shown in the court scenes of this episode.

In this episode, "Bart the Murderer," Bart decides to join the Mafia as a job and one day Bart is late for work because Principal Skinner made him stay after school.

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See more » This is the fourth episode in the third season of the Simpsons and it's one of the best episodes this season.

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