Updating nvidia graphics card bios

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Updating nvidia graphics card bios

You should reduce each of the clock rates individually to see if underclocking solves your problem.If that doesn't work then try reducing both of them at the same time.It may be a weak chip which means you have to replace the card.It may also be a cooling problem which may be caused by bad airflow in your case or an improperly installed heatsink.If your video card has DDR memory, then the clock rate which appears in the overclocking program may be half of what you expect.It is common for 200 MHz DDR memory to be refered to as 400 MHz but that's not technically correct.

You can underclock your video card by using an overclocking program.The silicon chips on your video card run faster when they are cooler.Increasing the clock rate heats the chips up which slows them down.There are rare occasions when overclocking programs can have compatibility problems so it a good idea to play it safe before using them.If your operating system supports it, you should create a system restore point so you can roll your setup back to its previous state before you started using the overclocking program.

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Take it down to half its original clock rate if possible.

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