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While viewing a group schedule, you can quickly schedule a meeting with or send e-mail to some or all of the group members.

For instance, you might use a public folder for a departmental calendar, a message board, or a variety of other collaborative applications.

The Iron Age is generally considered to have begun roughly 3300 years ago in what is today southern Turkey or the Caucasus.

In other words, over two thousand years before that, people had discovered iron, albeit of extraterrestrial origin.

Jambon points out that conveniently for ancient metallurgists, meteoric iron is already in a metal state, ready for use, while extracting iron from terrestrial requires smelting – the process of reduction, removing oxygen atoms bound to the metal.

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Almost all the meteorites that have crashed on earth so far, which were identified and analyzed, consisted mainly of stony iron, alloyed with a small proportion of nickel – which is still greater than the concentration of nickel found in any known rocks on earth's surface.

Another group schedule could contain all conference rooms in a building.By default, the group calendar contains the details of all items shown, unless the owner of an item marked it private.If you are interested in how to share Outlook calendar information then refer our special report: How to share Microsoft Outlook calendar and contacts.If you would like to be notified when your comment is published, please fill in your email address in the form below.Once smelting was discovered, says Jambon, since iron ore is very common, people stopped making artifacts from meteoric iron.

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At the beginning of the 20th century, African Americans migrated north for factory jobs that opened up during World War I and to escape the violence in the South.