Speed dating in mississauga

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Speed dating in mississauga

But contact calls can help lemurs keep track of each other, acting as a safety measure.According to research conducted by the University of Toronto, Mississauga, lemur vocalizations may provide important clues about how ancient human ancestors may have socialized with each other.Fear boredom no more with Mysteriously Yours, the dinner theatre where anything can happen (hint: it’s usually a murder).Now you are part of the interactive mystery, trying to figure out whodunit while enjoying some delicious food.At the end, guess who did it correctly and win prizes! As the ultimate place to play, Playdium has no shortage of activities.

The researchers found that male ring-tailed lemurs used both 'moan' and 'hmm' calls to maintain proximity to their neighbors, particularly during behaviors that could lead to separation - such as during travel or vigilance.

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Researchers have discovered that lemurs use different types of vocalizations to stay close to members of their group.

By contrast, the 'hmm' sound is quieter and used most frequently when lemurs are moving, feeding and keeping a watch for predators.

For the moan vocalization, the highest call rates occurred when the nearest neighbor was further away, and the 'hmm' call was used most often by low-ranking males, especially when preferred companions were nearby.

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