Dating a catholic girl

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Dating a catholic girl

I once dated a man who was very open to all vocations, and was up front about it from the beginning.Each time he talked about discerning priesthood, my heart would jump into my throat as I thought of him ending our relationship for that calling.Also if you want to have sex expect to wait until marriage. I was immersed in Catholic girls for the entirety of my private education and can relate that, even back in the 70's, they were all over the place. Can someone give me some advice on how I should proceed with this lovely girl?Some were very conservative and some had marks from the bleachers on their backs, and everything in between. I've known her for a couple months now, and I asked her to a dinner last Friday.But there is one downside to dating a Catholic man, a downside that is actually a positive, but in my experience can be frustrating and downright painful.

Easy to say, much more difficult to embrace and put into practice.

My usual advice of not paying attention to what a young lady says, but rather to what she does, applies. We had a great time but kept things platonic to the point it didn't feel like a date.

Yeah, we all regularly went to church too, like three times a week, and religion class every day I think the breakfast after church suggestion has traction. (I'm wondering if she even thought of it as a date to begin with). I plan to ask her to another dinner in a couple week or maybe even sooner.

Now don’t get me wrong – vocations to priesthood and religious life are beautiful and blessed.

But when you have your heart set on a great guy, and he discerns a calling that doesn’t involve you in a white dress, it still hurts.

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Dating in the secular world is interesting, to put it mildly.