Easter dating in europe

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Easter  dating in europe

Read more Every year, a fever grips Dresden for a week in May: a fever commonly known as Dixie-Fever.Dresden international old-time jazz festival “Dixieland Festival” has been running for more than forty years and attracts over 500,000 visitors.Today we begin a series of reflections on the gifts of the Holy Spirit.The Holy Spirit is the soul, the lifeblood of the Church and of every Christian: He is God's Love, who makes our hearts his home and enters into communion with us.This is wisdom: it is the grace of being able to see everything with the eyes of God. And it is something we cannot improvise, something we cannot obtain by our own merits: it is a gift that God gives to those who are docile to His Holy Spirit. In a marriage for example, the couple argue, then they won't look at one another, or if they do it is with anger. That's wisdom, that's the gift of wisdom, that comes to our homes, to children, to all of us!It is simply this: Seeing the world.situations, conjunctures, problems, everything with God's eyes. Often we see things as we want to see them or according to our heart, with love, with hate, with envy. Wisdom is what the Holy Spirit does within us so that we can see everything with God's eyes. We have the Holy Spirit in our hearts we can listen to him or not. Instead when the mother takes her child to one side and gently rebukes him, and explains this is God's wisdom! And it cannot be learned, it is a gift of the Holy Spirit!

Read more about Las Fallas here The historic town Palos de la Frontera, in Andalusia Spain, hosts an annual festival – Medieval Discovery Fair – commemorating its link to the discovery of America.

What are the few things that come to your mind when you hear these two words: Italy and Florence?

If the food is one of them, stay tuned, as we are taking you to the Taste Florence Food Festival Read more here Fallas Fiesta is known for its lights, gunpowder, traditional costumes, fireworks and music.

The Church identifies seven, a number that symbolically speaks of fullness, completeness; we learn these when preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation and we invoke them in the ancient prayer called the "Sequence of the Holy Spirit" the gifts of the Holy Spirit are: wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude , knowledge, piety and fear of God. The first gift of the Holy Spirit, according to this traditional list, is wisdom.

It is not merely human wisdom, no, the fruit of knowledge and experience. And the Holy Spirit - when we have this relationship - gives us the gift of wisdom. This is, however , not in the sense that he or she has an answer for everything, or knows everything, but in the sense that he or she "knows" of God, how God acts, they know when something is of God and when it is not.

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