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Please try not to use any insulting vocabulary - even if it's hard.

Given SMS and instant messaging popularity among children, more research will also need to be undergone to investigate the dangers of mobile chat rooms.In addition, thanks to lack of advertising guidelines equivalent to those which exist in the offline world, these chat rooms were marketed and advertised on platforms easily accessible to children.These results highlight an alarming security risk for children It is inevitable that security frameworks lag technological development, but parents need to be aware of these dangers, and industry organisations and the government need to tighten up on out-dated regulations and legislation in order to protect South African children.Required fields are marked with Provide us with the name of the company the caller introduced him/herself with.If you don't know the name of the company, you can simply give the full name of the caller.

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The study found that 65% of the chats discussed sex and sexual favours; a third of the chatters initiated cyber-sex; a quarter asked for a photograph; and 22.5% wanted to meet in person.

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