Mature women dating younger man

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Mature women dating younger man

"Television and media normalised the practice of almost edifying 'cougars'," says Wyne.

There are two fundamental problems with this label: a) it tends to portray the woman as the initiator, maybe even a sexual predator and b) in doing so, affords little agency to the other person in the relationship - the man.

A reason why the notion that only an older man can provide emotional stability to a younger woman feels a little too simplistic.

Take, for instance, Kanchi Das, a Dubai-based educator married to HR professional Sudeep Das, who is six years younger to her.

The couple got married when Sudeep was 29 and Kanchi was 35.

"Though my husband is younger than me, I find he has better answers to the problems in our relationship.

"It may be more of a level-playing field, and the male will be less expected to lead and direct the relationship, less pressurised to be the one who decides if the relationship will deepen and continue." Traditionally, an older man has been perceived as a 'prospective' partner also because of the financial stability he brings to the table.However, in comparison, there are fewer men in that age group who are single." The templates may not have changed radically for men.Most men are not rushed into marriages, and neither do they have to factor in a biological clock that might be ticking."Hence their expectations from an older companion is far less as compared to the older men.They may have more balanced views on roles within relationships," says Wyne.

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