Poems dating your best friend

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Poems dating your best friend

We were roommates up until fall 2013, which was my last semester at FAMU.I needed a short-term lease and since she didn't have a car she didn't want to move far from campus.:)—Submitted by Da Vida Chanel Freshman year, Samantha and I were roommates and instantaneously hit things off.Keishae lived right down the hall from us in Mc Guinn Hall, and she and Samantha had the same hometown in common, Jacksonville, Florida (aka Duuuuuuvaaaalll).—Submitted by Ieesha Abdur-Rahman I met Chanda Riddick-Yamoah as a freshman in college.Our stories vary, as I recall her being a shy girl seeking friends, while she recalls the same regarding me, lol.We drove together back up north every summer and Christmas break. Still today we call each other "roomie." One of the bestest friends I gained!

I love each one of these women to death, and I am not sure who or where I would be without them.

We went on to have an EPIC friendship spanning our four years at Southern University Baton Rouge through right now!

She's my first college roommate, my friend, my sorority sister, and my ace.

I thought she was cool but had waaaaaayyyyy too much energy (she's more of an extrovert and I'm moreso an introvert). We partied together, cried together, laughed together, etc.

We both have strong personalities so of course we bumped heads occasionally, but we'd be back to cackling idiots within minutes.

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