Updating globe light fixtures

Posted by / 19-Aug-2017 13:22

However, if you're picking out a permanent fixture that will be the primary light source in a space (over kitchen counters or dining table), hardwiring is a better long-term investment.How the pendant light will be used will also determine how high it should be hung.The style and shape of the pendant light you choose depends on your home and the room where the fixture will be used.However, here are some very general things you should keep in mind when looking for a pendant light.

Pendants that are inverted (they look like upside down table lamps) streams light up to the ceiling, providing ambient or mood lighting in a space.

Just be sure to store the ones you've removed where you can find and reinstall them when move-out day arrives.

Here are the three places to consider swapping in nicer lights (which you can always take with you when you outgrow the space), plus some budget-but-beauteous options to shop to replace them.

Generally go with a cord that's at least 4'-6' long for a hardwire pendant and one that's at least 9' long for plug-ins.

These should offer enough leeway for adjustments according to how high or low you would like to hang the pendant light above a surface.

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On the contrary, pendants with open bottoms often focus light downward, making them perfect as task lighting above a workspace like the kitchen island.