Elsword updating client

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Elsword updating client

The patcher downloads a large number of files to your computer, which can be misidentified as a threat by your firewall.

Updating the firewall usually whitelists our patcher, otherwise you will need to temporarily disable your firewall.

Keep in mind that with time, the information on our posts can become obsolete due to changes, etc.

That's why we always recommend creating a new thread with your issue when the thread you find is too old.______________________________________________________Got feedback about the support I'm providing?

Then I have two sessions, the one I recorded and the one that was edited. If I try uploading the edited session it does the same thing. @x0Z3ro0x - The walkthrough from the OP is not an official Raptr/guide.

We're looking into an issue where uploading is unable to proceed, but it makes a copy of the file to preserve it.

I have been able to work around this by using a mobile LTE device (from different ISP than what I normally use).

You can disable UAC by following Microsoft's instructions here.

If you are having trouble updating the game, check the steps here, these usually help :)________________________________Let me know how I'm doinghttps:// Hey Coco All installs and patching is done via the App.

If you are having trouble updating the game, check the [url]https://battle.net/support/article/7343?

Since I changed the quality settings fails to save the video, there's only sound.

I've changed the settings back and forth and nothing helps.

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