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“I think we do have a good process, but there is always room for improvement,” says Anderson.Beside the three investigations at WSU, there are five other state schools with open Title IX investigations: University of Washington’s Seattle campus, Edmonds Community College, Whitman College, Whitworth University, and Western Washington University.Kansas State University, for example, is currently being sued for not handling complaints as required by federal law.They allegedly told two students they would not investigate their rapes, which occurred at off-campus fraternity houses. In 2011, the university was chosen randomly to be investigated for compliance under the Clery Act, a law that requires federally funded postsecondary schools to disclose crime statistics.Title IX investigations are conducted by the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) in the Education Department. With an undergraduate population of 1,498, that comes out to a rate of 3.34 rapes per one thousand students, the highest rate of rape at any postsecondary school in Washington.Whitman’s Title IX investigation stems from a student complaint in 2014, which alleges the college mishandled a sexual assault complaint by not taking disciplinary action against the attacker.

Due to violations of statutory and regulatory requirements, they were subsequently fined ,500. WSU has three investigations currently open under Title IX.According to the Office of Postsecondary Education, WSU also reported ten rapes in 2014, the second highest number of rapes in a postsecondary school in Washington.Two of the three open federal investigations are in response to specific complaints — one by the federal government and one from a student.Given that one-in-five women experience sexual assault during college, these figures suggest these institutions are engaging in cover-ups, neglecting victims, or fostering an environment where survivors do not feel safe enough to come forward.This was the subject of a letter earlier this month from 31 sitting U. Senators, including Washington’s Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell.

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Yet they have a high reporting rate of rape — nine were reported in 2014, with an enrolled population of 2,286 students.