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Posted by / 09-Nov-2017 12:06

Vintage Parlors are nice but they’re a dime a dozen.My house was built in 1910 but unfortunately I do not have a 1910 furnace.

One way I can preserve this old octopus furnace is by converting it to gas and make it more appealing and affordable for future owners. An oil to gas conversion would be a big improvement.

People would never throw out an antique piece of furniture (well not most) but they rarely care about an antique furnace.

This old octopus furnace is more interesting than many people’s Victorian parlors.

Large Loft Area, Charming Character w/Endless Potential: Tavern, B&B, Restaurant, Retail Shop &more!

It’s rare you see a kitchen that matches the period of the house. This however, is the stuff your guests will remember.

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I was told by oil servicemen that this furnace will last a long time with little maintenance.