Score dating game walkthrough

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Score dating game walkthrough

When working as a drug dealer, you only have a 5% chance of getting caught (instead of a 15% chance for everyone else).When working as a Tutor, your wage is decreased 20% Playful: Playful people are good with charm.When working as a Tutor, your wage is not affected.

Here you can have things and characters explained to you.When working as a Salesman, your wage is increased by 30% When working as a Tutor, your wage is decreased 20% Note: No, Playful does not make you any better at talking to the girls. When training for strength you can only get 5-9 strength each time.Only your stat levels do, and although charm does more than others, if you dont up your charm you are as good with the girls as anyone else who starts the game. When working as a Tutor, your wage is increased 20% Casual: Casual people are more balanced in all stats.It is not necessary to do anything here, and you may either look around for as long as you want, or exit immediately.People you can have explained include Ryuji, Ami, and Kotomi by clicking on them.

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When having sex for charm you can get 10-14 charm each time. (This is the type you will need to pick to follow the Walkthrough after this introduction) The differences in game play are: When studying you can get 15-19 knowledge each time.

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