Nick grimshaw dating henry holland

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Nick grimshaw dating henry holland

Terri is placed in a difficult position when Mitch admits Rose's mother, Victoria, with a suspected heart condition.Nursing an Olympic figure skater who is thinking of going solo parallels Bron's decision to take some time off to travel, alone, before marrying Ben.It's his ticket into being granted special access to the accident site.Bron and Lyle are removed and sent to Ward 17 immediately.Guest Cast: Jenni Baird as Paula Morgan, Paul Tassone as Nelson Curtis, Ling Hsueh Tang as Kylie Preece, Joy Smithers as Rose Stevens, Luciano Martucci as Dominic Turner, Josh Quong Tart as Matt Horner, John Brumpton as Charlie Ellis, Tony Poli as Frank Koumanis, Adam Saunders as Josh Koumanis, Monique & Natasha Ball as Lucy Stevens, Lloyd Morris as Dr Colin Burgess, Rhonda Doyle as Melissa Harris, Mary Ann Halpin as Jenny Bullock, Sally Clark as Liz Dawson, Sebastian Lamour as Brayden James, Jacqueline Millane as Sonia James, Ivy Latimer as Madeleine James, Rochelle Whyte as Cara Episode 5.04 (172) Tuesday, February 26, 2002 Screenplay by Denise Morgan Directed by Julian Pringle When a patient in Jared's care leaps off the balcony of Ward 17, Jared feels enormous guilt and he knows he will most likely cop the blame.The shocked staff of Ward 17 needs a debriefing and Terri's management of the ward is also questioned.Episode 5.01 (169) Tue, February 05, 2002 Screenplay by Louise Crane Directed by Peter Fisk Producer: Di Drew Ward 17 is business as usual as Bron heads off to help Lyle through the "opening night" nerves his play premiere has given rise to.

On the train station, tempers flare between Rebecca and Scott, the latter still stinging from losing his patient earlier.Nelson is harbouring a dark and personal secret that unexpectedly reveals itself.Dom questions his actions over his decision to play God with train crash victim Josh and is surprised, but equally pleased, by Terri's affections during his personal crisis.In order to protect Terri from gossip Mitch thinks about taking a post at another hospital.Luke's arm injury looks as grim as his future career in surgery.

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Her efforts to find out why meet with a wall and she realises things with him are nowhere near ideal.

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