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Who is ali larter dating now

She also played Candice Willmer in several illusions.

Ali Larter has appeared in several television series, including Just Shoot Me! She has also starred in several films, including Final Destination, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, A Lot Like Love, and Obsessed.

Ali has starred in Resident Evil Extinction in the role of "Claire Redfield".

She also served as an associate producer of Three Way.

I like to choose women that aren't just the girlfriend or the wife,” she continued.

“They have layers and truth and power and their struggle.

star amped up her hair game for fall by trading in her blonde locks to become a fiery redhead. The actress shared that she is prepping for her continuing role as Claire Redfield in the upcoming final chapter of My love for this girl is next level.

Milla and was really at the forefront of doing that... So to be part of that, and do three movies -- really it's about female empowerment in a female-led action franchise -- it's incredible.”“With the other things, like , they're not necessarily just about this group of women.

spoke with Larter about her big-screen lark, and pressed her for scoop on Niki's next heroic adventure. I our show, and it has been such an amazing opportunity for me. You can go with a date, or you can grab a bunch of girls and go and have fun. There are shrines built for him, people would chase him everywhere.... When you make a show that's provocative and fresh, you have to take risks, and some things work and some things don't. If you think someone is going away, they'll probably end up coming back.

TVGuide.com: Let's be a bit introspective: Is this the same Ali Larter I spoke to a year ago? In this industry we go through so many ebbs and flows, and right now I'm at this great place where I love working on the show and people are responding to it, I have movies coming out that were amazing journeys for me.... last night, and it's different, fun, a sort of primer for Bollywood movies. We were working six days a week, 12 hours a day, it was so hot, but I was there and I got a chance to really experience this country. TVGuide.com: Your leading man, Salman Khan — just how huge a star is he over there? The writers are taking a look at the things that worked for my character and we're going to be moving more into that for the second season. One of the points of our show is that it has a revolving door. TVGuide.com: I just thought that if he was gone, we could start steering Niki back toward Nathan.

“I was trying to take some time off, and then once again, this really special project comes and [executive producers] Dan Fogelman and Kevin Falls, incredible writers…

each script exceeded my expectations.”Larter’s character, Amelia Slater, ended first season on a controversial note -- getting on a plane despite seeing her client, San Diego Padres pitcher Ginny Baker (Kylie Bunbury), go down with an injury during her final start of the MLB season -- but the actress has a sunnier outlook on what’s next for the no-nonsense agent.“I think she's sitting in Cabo right now sipping margaritas! As for whether or not Ginny and Amelia will be able to patch things up in the show’s hypothetical second season?

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