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Living with us back in Oceanport, Jason had become a model citizen, just saying No.

He’d visit his Mother regularly, steering clear of her readily available Oxys.

The indie production boasts an impressive cast that includes Vinnie Jones, Kevin Smith, Danny Trejo, Teri Hatcher, Judd Nelson, Stan Lee, Dean Cain, and Casper Van Dien, with many playing themselves.

“He asked if he could step outside for cigarette, at which point he fled the grounds. He was crisp and clear in a way he hadn’t been since pre-”Dogma”.

But the relocation would have to wait, because the “Dogma” premiere was fast-approaching.

The film had its domestic debut at the prestigious New York Film Festival, where a thousand protesters showed up, shaking Bible-quoting placards at us.

It was genuinely emotional and we even had crewmembers in tears.

I wasn’t sure what directing Kevin would be like, because of course it’s been the other way around for so many years.

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