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Despite the fact that Shin Sekai Yori portrays a tongued kiss between two men, one ends up in a heterosexual relationship.

Shows like Ouran High School Host Club depict “homosexual relationships,” but they’re often played for laughs and don’t actually exist in canon.

Victor is rarely seen skating at all minus a few flashbacks.

It may seem like a basic way to end a 12-episode series that’s been blanketed in sexual tension, but it symbolizes a level of intimacy shared by the couple and establishes their relationship.

Japan, for all its gay, fanservice-laden manga and anime, is generally homophobic and traditional, still not having legalized same-sex marriage.

Yuri and Victor’s budding relationship is gradual, and neither one of them has a moment when they realize that they’re gay and that it’s something to be reckoned with.

Yuri and Victor complement each other, but both also admit that they’ve grown as people because of the presence of the other.

The equality in their relationship is revolutionary, even if it wasn’t the first to depict one.

The “stakes” in these stories can be damaging physically and psychologically.

A famous yuri story, Revolutionary Girl Utena, is one of the few mainstream anime to depict a queer female relationship, but in the end, as Utena tries to save Anthy from her abusive roots, she pays the price.

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