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Hinge: Free Hinge has a slick design and is meant to be for people who are over games and being treated like a “playing card”.… options that i am checking is preventing the patch from rebuilidng. the best way to troubleshoot which import setting i have that's conflicting is maybe to post my load order when i get home tonight, if that helps? One night you attend a party when you are filled with doubts about even going and then suddenly you fall into a seat across the very person you have longed waited to meet.

pyntix and leonardo2 both encountered the exact same error (specifically, with BL Leather Boots), the relevant info being:"Rename armor to sort by type" or "Rename clothes to sort by type" markings mess up the rebuilidng of the bashedpatch."In the group Tweak Names they are these: Rename armor to sort by type. So if you disable those two tweaks, you should be able to rebuild the patch. basically, the advice seemed to indicate that an older version of the bashedpatch could interfere with the rebuilidng of a new bashedpatch if not cleaned properly. based on not finding this advice anywhere in my current search, i'm thinking i did misunderstand and that this isn't a required step. I do wonder where in the world you read that though. The version of Wrye Bash, not the version of the Bashed Patch determines what configuration options are available. Well not to worry as this gayroom video has this horny gay giving the dude a nice surprise mid-massage instead of the end, and we can certainly say that the dude getting the treatment enjoyed it allot.And it’s also to serve as a personal thank you for being our fans.

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If you've read somewhere that you should "clean/wipe" the bashed patch before rebuilding, that's bad advice.

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