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British Columbia’s thriving blues scene is represented with nominations for David Vest, Owen Owen Owen, Keith Picot and Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne among others. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Halifax, NS, Canada -- "Good Morning Mr. My good buddy CBC's Weekend Mornings host Stan Carew and I have written a song we think is pretty timely given the awful winter we had. This little gem has been a big breakthrough for me carrying multiple guitars on the road.Click here for more details - come up with a guitar riff and chord progression one afternoon. I sent a demo to Stan and asked him if he could contribute a lyric. I was and still am in awe of Stan's ability to be so creative with words...this tune was pretty dark for this Cape Breton raised Catholic boy. Strap it on your guitar neck and you have an instant, high action slide guitar or dobro styled "squareneck" guitar. Click here for a Jim Dunlop interview with Capo/Slide Converter developer Ken Davidson.

He's been touring Germany for several years, and in fact is so popular there, he has a record deal in the country, and has discs come out there unique to that land, or before they are issued in Canada.

" He, no doubt, has felt this more than others, coming from Cape Breton, and often being looked over in favour of the Scots-Irish tradition.

Listening to this disc, I often forgot it was a live recording, as the quality of his playing was at times astounding.

" Says drummer Neil, "John and I have always built tunes around a strong groove, now with the duo we have so much room to play off each other.

"A simple non-technical explanation of John's guitar and bass combination :"This is NOT a new fang-dangled electronic looping kinda thing. Octave boxes have been around since the days of Jimi Hendrix.""The octave box creates a separate bass signal from the bass strings on my electric guitar.

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Pics here - With the news full of doom and gloom for the economy, I've picked up a recurring theme from the commentators.