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Sql server view not updating

Here is a function where a parameter is used to return a single row from the Products table: triggers also allow you to code more complex logic than is normally supported in views; and they let you work with time stamp data, computed columns, and identity columns.

The following view selects the CREATE TRIGGER trig Union ON vw Union Customer Supplier INSTEAD OF UPDATE AS BEGIN SET NOCOUNT ON DECLARE @Del Name nvarchar(50) IF (SELECT inserted.

For example, the UNION operator can not be used in a view and you cannot create a trigger on a view.

All of the basic DDL statements can be used to create and manage views including CREATE, DROP, and ALTER.

Additionally, inserting data is prohibited for the following types of views: It is also possible to insert or update data through a view such that the data is no longer accessible via that view, unless the WITH CHECK OPTION has been specified.

Almost any SQL that can be issued natively can be coded into a view; there are exceptions, however.

These rules were developed over a number of years as a result of implementing large relational databases in many different environments.

There may be more uses for views than are presented here, so do not needlessly fret if you do not see your favorite use for views covered in this article—unless you blindly use base table views.

This section provides the rules of thumb for when it is wise to create views.

Guidelines such as these should be instituted within your organization to reduce the amount of time and effort required to implement effective views.

The following rules will ensure that views are created in a responsible and useful manner at your shop.

The rules for updating user-defined inline functions are the same as they are for views.

Consider these three statements: Product ID Product Name Unit Price ----------- ---------------------------------------- --------------------- 1 Chai 19.0000 Product ID Product Name Unit Price ----------- ---------------------------------------- --------------------- 1 Chai 20.0000 An inline function that has a parameter can also be used to update data, with the parameter limiting the scope of the update.

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Using an Access project or an Access database with a form bound to a view that contains statement attempting to modify columns in both the Products and Categories tables won't work (you'll get the error "View or function 'vw Categories Products' is not updateable because the In general, you'll want to make views that use joins read-only.

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