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More luxurious gowns were kept and only worn for evenings.

New fabrics were popping up all over the place, like metallic lame that was very popular at night and made to shimmer even more by adding plastic sequins and glass beads.

) Max Factor, who started his career selling cosmetics to the studios, became the biggest name in makeup for the everyday woman all across the western world, surpassing the previous dominance of the Coty brand.

) Coat collars came down to create the “attractive” V-neck, and shoulder pads were added to create a more masculine and square appearance. ) The double-breasted suit had became much more common; this would be something that even the everyday man would own.

Jackets were long and “dressed up” (something that had withstood the test of time!

(Really makes the word “Doll” stick out for this time period, doesn’t it!? Men’s suits were designed to inspire the appearance of a large upper body.

(Because who would want to mess with your doll when you tower over someone!

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The most popular complexion of the late 1930s was a natural pinkish ivory or a lighter white wax-like appearance; this giving birth to the look of a “doll”.

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