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They have smooth lips, are dark amber in color and have Putnam 227 on the base. There could be legitimate Lightning jars with Putnam 227 on base, although I've never actually asked anyone if they have one in their collections.

The Lightning jars became popular because the glass lids prevented food contact with metal, the metal clamps were cheap to produce and the lids themselves were much easier to seal and remove.Lately, these jars have sold for more on on-line auctions such as e Bay.Square jars were considered a design improvement because a homemaker could stack more jars together in less space thus allowing a family to put up more food in their small cellars or cupboards.Jars carrying this embossing, often with other monograms, numbers, letters, etc., were widely produced until about 1920. The identities of many actual manufacturers are unknown.Lightning jars represent an important advancement in the history of home canning and are still a part of American culture.

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