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John offers young Christians the genuine opportunity to make a truly informed decision without asking them to compromise their Christian values.

But in order to make a truly informed decision to wait till marriage, look out for: "I Kissed Waiting Goodbye: Premarital Sex and Purity of the Heart" COMING SOON!

Like on the next page: “This book tells you how to make your life pleasing to God– even if that means taking a break from dating” (9).

Or the next: “I want to help you examine the aspects of your life that dating touches …

I mention both of these facts because it makes two things very clear: Joshua was an incredibly young man when he wrote this, and this is book is not the be-all-end-all of the courtship method that some have made it out to be.

There are as many different ways to “court” as there are people, and I don’t want anyone coming at me with “but this book doesn’t represent .

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Whether religious or not, and whether sexually active or not, sexuality is a fundamental aspect of each person’s physical, emotional, and relational health and development.