Amerie and trey songz dating

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Their trying to comfort me and ask me whats wrong but I just ball my eyes out. I woke up about 2 hours and everybody was still there except most of my family just the people that were in the house when I passed out. My eyes are still heavy and I wanna go back to sleep. Tell her how much i miss her , how I need her to talk with me , I wanna visit her but they will be a very long time form now. And yeah I was cussing at everybody when I was crying. All I know is I wanna have some fun so get your asses up and entertain me!!

only a couple hours ago you were crying telling everybody to kiss your ass and mind their fucking business." That was Kalina. " " I was mad and you knew it so don't bring out my mad side, you'll be in the hospital instead of me." He looked scare when I said that.

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