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Another stunt that took guts to perform was shot at the Vatican in Rome. It's got a wire attached to his chest, with an electric pulley that enables him to run horizontally upwards.

We used the same boats as the marines - which was dangerous because the current was extremely strong.Dangling over an icy precipice, dodging hungry sharks or leaping off a bridge is just another day at the office for Vic Armstrong.For 45 years, he has put his life on the line as a stuntman, bringing us some of the most spine-tingling moments in film history.The bridge had taken months and thousands of pounds to build, but it was gone in one take when Indie (played by me) slashed it in half. Harrison had started working on another film and the studio needed some 'pick up' shots of him, so they flew over from Los Angeles, where the movie was made, and rebuilt some of the sets at Pinewood just for me to double as Harrison.I also worked on 1983's Star Wars: Episode VI - Return Of The Jedi and, on the last night of shooting, I went to the pub with the crew. We were outside when he said: 'You stunt guys are lucky. 'Watch this.' With that he shouted over at two young ladies walking into the pub.

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They had found a real amputee, stuck a false forearm on him, nailed it to the pike he was holding and then slashed it away.

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