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Ali seeking for women 2016 dating profile in lebanon

She wears sleeveless dresses, not really the norm in conservative Pakistan. But every day of her life, Fatima lives with that murder in her head.She has to live with the fact that it is now Zardari who runs the country.All Thomson Reuters websites use cookies to improve your online experience.

'That’s all I saw.’ Significantly, it has never been determined who was responsible for the assassination, and some of the policemen accused were not properly brought to justice.

'Since his birthday, September 18, tanks had been rolling up around our house,’ she says. A precocious teenager, Fatima had just received a contract for her first book of poetry, Whispers in the Desert, and she needed a parent to sign it. 'He expected to be arrested after the press conference. Instead, Asif Zardari, Benazir’s husband and the man who is now the president of Pakistan, took the call. The blood was quickly washed off the road, the glass swept up.

'And it just felt wrong that day.’ She remembers that her father was preoccupied on September 27. But not killed.’ After the gunshots outside the house stopped, Fatima’s stepmother, Ghinwa, who had raised her as a daughter since she was four, came for the children and the family hid in the drawing-room. (It was an eerie foreshadowing of Benazir’s own murder 11 years later, when the evidence was also instantly removed.) There was no independent forensic inquest.

Even though a judicial tribunal ruled the murder could not have happened without the approval of the highest level of government and that Benazir’s administration was 'probably complicit’, she and Zardari always denied involvement.

'The police pulled the trigger, but Benazir and Asif had the moral responsibility,’ Fatima says now, sitting on the terrace of the Karachi house, 70 Clifton, which is one of the most famous addresses in Pakistan.

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She was shielding her six-year-old brother, Zulfikar, from a barrage of bullets outside her house.

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