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Both are now denouncing the other's Islamic legitimacy. It's his first international trip as president — and many think it's what motivated a sudden announcement by the Saudi king that male guardianship laws restricting women will be reviewed.

The two Persian Gulf powers are already locked in numerous proxy conflicts across the region. Since the tragic attack at the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, there have been a lot of questions about how Islam views depiction of the Prophet Muhammed.

Last week, Onyeama said, “We have made very strong intercessions with the government of those countries to review the cases and of course, not to execute those prisoners.

But there is a limit, these are sovereign countries and they have processes and laws.“As far as Saudi Arabia is concerned, it has been ongoing, we have been intervening at various levels with the Saudi government to spare the lives of those citizens and a number of NGOs have been working with us in order to get those Nigerian citizens off the death row,” the minister said.

Younis (not his real name) told Asian Image, “I was supposed to work in Riyadh for a year. Younis continued, “These guys don’t think they are gay.The Ukrainian is giving up her chance to win record prize money and the chance to defend her title because she doesn't want to feel like a "secondary creature." On March 26, 2015, Saudi Arabia entered the Yemen civil war with support from the US and the UK.A Western reporter and Yemenis from the north to the south tell how warring sides are dug in and civilians are becoming accustomed to the fighting.Apparently taking advantage of the delay by Nigeria to intervene in the alleged drug deals undertaken by Nigerians in the country, Saudi Arabia has executed one more Nigerian for drug-related offences.Impeccable Vanguard sources confirmed that the suspect, whose name was given as Adam Idris Abubakar, was killed by the authorities on Tuesday, bringing the number of Nigerian drug detainees so far executed in the last four months to four. A source close to the suspects told Vanguard that the Nigerian Embassy in Riyadh had been informed of the latest execution and that the embassy was embarrassed by the action of the Middleeast country, having begun discussions with them to spare the lives of the suspects.

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Saad Hariri, who became Lebanon's prime minister less than a year ago, sparked a national crisis when he resigned on Nov. Experts believe the risk of a direct military clash is low, but why have tensions escalated now and how will the crisis evolve?

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