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Via that same box, the filmmakers promise never-before-seen footage of Marla’s Plaza wedding and discussion of the demands of a high-profile marriage, a burgeoning acting career, and motherhood.Instead, they delivered a thoroughly depressing 45 minutes of television.The doc claims their “scant contact” was “limited to polite conversation” during the time we now know (according to accounts in a half-dozen Trump biographies) Maples was living as a kept woman in hotel rooms throughout the tri-state area.As they tell it, Marla and Donald fell in love not in a hotel bedroom, but under the watchful eye of God at the Marble Collegiate church in Manhattan, the same house of worship that Donald attended with his first wife, Ivana, and their children, the very one where he and Ivana exchanged vows.The actual birth of Tiffany is an incredible Donald Trump moment to imagine.

(Marla was ahead of the natural childbirth, baby-wearing trend.)“It reads like a love story ripped from the pages of the most romantic novel,” the narrator begins.In his solo session, Donald disclosed that he never technically left Ivana for Marla, and with his empire crumbling, the timing was rotten for a love affair anyway.“It was a wrong time for me to have a relationship,” Donald said.“At the same time, it was great to know somebody was there, and she was there like nobody I’ve ever seen.”And Marla was there. According to tabloids at the time, the restive couple would break up and reconcile with the seasons.—gotten not-so-accidentally pregnant with a baby Donald allegedly suggested aborting; the amateurish gold digger who left a palatial home with a curiously small fortune in tow after her 10-year relationship went up in flames—like everyone but she knew that it would. The episode, titled “Intimate Portrait,” aired in 1995 and is available on VHS at the Indianapolis Public Library, and from a seller on Amazon for .18, including shipping.I obviously bought it.“Meet your heroines, the people who’ve achieved professional success and survived personal tragedy, in this series of up close and personal portraits,” the box beckons.

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