Dating tuco puzzles

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But for the future Breaking Bad plot to work, Jimmy and Tuco need to have limited contact.

However, that still leaves room for regular cameos from the psychotic drugs kingpin, even if they happen away from Goodman himself.

Or could it be Mr Berger, the businessman defendant who looked smart and out of place compared to the other scruffy-looking criminals that Mc Gill was representing?

The name Saul Goodman could be moments from arrival, it seems.

And, even more importantly, this could mean there's a chance of seeing Hector Salamanca too.

Did you spot the blonde woman who exchanged an otherwise-unexplained lingering look with Mc Gill as she walked out of a court? She plays Kim Wexler, a lawyer who has a long, complex relationship with Mc Gill and who is also beating him professionally. She was also the woman who was stood outside smoking in the dark when Mc Gill came out and took a puff of her cigarette.

By the end of episode two, the sleazy Albuquerque lawyer remains in his first incarnation, James Mc Gill - a public defender who's struggling to launch his own legal practice.

Which means we still have a exciting moment to look forward to: the moment Jimmy picks the name Saul Goodman.

David Shearer provided Part 8 of the wanderings of his Jigasaurus website, this time focusing on his investigative work on a seemingly diverse collection of puzzles based on their advertised identities but perhaps all linked by the cutting and puzzle design of Robert Plumb, “Jig-Saw Puzzle Expert To The Graphic Gallery, The Strand, London”.

Several members contributed to the Member’s views section and editor, Brian included a list of spare back issues of the magazine ranging from numbers 83 to 126, with overviews of their contents, available at discount prices from him, with all proceeds to go to The BCD.

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Jackie had prepared quite a detailed account of her collection of oriental puzzles that included examples from Victory, URCJ, Geert Bekkering (a clever invertible puzzle of a happy or sad oriental gentlemen), Heather Prydderch, Elms , Liberty and Wentworth.