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Swiss women dating

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Am a well adjusted , humerous , chef by profession, enjoy life, love having a good laugh over nothing.

Besides running a dating and matchmaking agency, I also coach many singles and believe in a holistic approach to dating.

I help singles with online dating and also teach them how to meet other singles offline in everyday life.

Then we experienced mass immigration from the Balkans since 1990 and then from Africa and Arabic countries and women were exposed to seriously macho behavior at school - and most decided that this was what they really wanted, so they started dressing up like cheap sluts.

I’ve given up on dating Swiss women a long time ago.

My current girl friend is an ex-Muslim from Canada.

As a dating expert I am often asked for my view on this and here is a link to an article that appeared in The Local on that topic The Swiss have already build their life, network and activities here and have less of a need /motivation to meet someone new as compared to for example single expats who just arrived and still need to build all that up do.

If you would like the opportunity to meet Swiss singles, the best is to get involved in local activities, sports, theatre, church, etc.

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