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P diddy dating j lo

When Lopez was a child, she was in school learning the things that a child would learn in school.She started dancing and singing lesson due to her love for it.So it is therefore very easy for the baby to recognise who he is being cared by.After six months, the baby starts feeling more comfortable being around other people.At this stage the child goes through many different changes and developments in this topic.From the age of three years old they recognise his/her own name when written down, repeats the last word of everything is being said sometimes (echolalia) but mainly at this stage is where the child develops the ability to talk with signs or words.They are normally attracted by the images of the books rather than the text in it. At the age of 4 or 5 they have their first educational experience at school where they start by learning the names of the colours, usually knows how to count until 20 and likes to ask questions about how and why things happen.

Motor skills is the using of the muscles in the body, gross motor skills are the big muscles of the body and fine motor skills are the small muscles of the body.Babies can imitate other people’s face expressions.They might offer toys to the people around them in a sense of sharing and wanting to play with that person.For example, a boy will be usually attracted to cars, superheroes, gun toys, etcetera whilst girls will be attracted to dolls, teddy bears, doll houses, kitchen and shopping item toys, etc.At this stage, the child has a stable self-concept and therefore knows what he/she likes or not.

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They are also capable of making stories up and differentiating real from unreal, even though it is not established yet as they may get scared with customs and similar things.

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